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Enchanted Rock in The Texas Hill Country


by Ira Kennedy





ENCHANTED ROCK took a firm hold on me from the moment of my first encounter in 1962. At the time, the only information on the place was a booklet, Facts and Fiction about the Enchanted Rock, by Charles Moss, who owned and operated Enchanted Rock as a public park until its sale to the Nature Conservancy in 1978.

Although the Moss booklet preserved the legends and folk tales of Enchanted Rock, there was nothing in print on the history of this remarkable landmark. The knowledge I held of my own Native American heritage told me that many of the legends, especially those regarding the Native Americans’ fear of The Rock and allegations that they practiced human sacrifice, had no basis in fact.

In 1980, I decided to become an expert on Enchanted Rock and provide a more accurate version of this sacred landmark. "How hard can that be?" I asked myself. At the time I didn’t realize that I would have to do some serious research in a variety of fields to acquire a truer understanding of the topic.

All of my research failed to open the door to the very essence of the sacred nature of The Rock. Then, in 1987, as a journalist for The Highlander newspaper in Marble Falls, I was assigned to cover an event at Enchanted Rock—The Harmonic Convergence. [See: ]

While there I was drawn into a deep mythological realm.

On my return home, for the first time, I prayed for guidance before writing an article. I pulled book after book from my library and they practically opened themselves to the appropriate passages. As I wrote, I seemed to understand more than I knew. It was as if all the tumblers had fallen into place and unlocked an understanding of the true nature of Enchanted Rock and its significance as a sacred site. From that moment, the rather pedestrian history I was writing took on a deeper meaning and wider scope.

Eventually, in 1990, I was to live on the XLN Ranch adjacent to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. That place provided the inspiration I needed to pull together the volumes of research I had acquired along with my early drafts and my new understand of mythology and sacred geography.

The project seemed endless. At some point I had to tell myself, "enough is enough" and pull it all together. Finally.

I want to leave something of my love and understanding of Enchanted Rock behind, regarding its history, legends, desperados and dreamers. I’ve taken The Rock as it is and for what it was, and I’ve tried to hold on to that long enough to harness some of its spirit between the covers of this book. I know if I wait much longer it could be too late. This voice will not last forever.


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